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Founder + Director of Content Development + Programs

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Director of Company Culture + Executive Assistant

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Director of Brand Innovation + Content Producer

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Executive in Charge of All Original Productions

Blossom is ...

a digital streaming network housing creative, thought-provoking yet super feel-good programming by the women of color who tune in.  Essentially it's content created for us by us. Trying to convince BIG networks to include programming reflective of our womanhood is a challenge. So we’re doing it ourselves. Blossom is validation for all the things we go through.

Williamson founded Blossom in an effort to see the content she felt was missing from network television; the true, authentic storiesof women of color who are living across the globe. With over 3 years of television experience working with networks like OWN, USA, NBC, TV One and WE TV, Diamonde knew it was time to create something specifically for the millennial woman of color looking for someone to relate to.

At BLOSSOM we will dive into subcultures and explore women untouched by television networks.

We share the everyday experiences of our sisters with our sisters. We laugh.

We cry. We feel inspired. But ultimately, we unite. Because at Blossom, we believe, we are more alike than we are not.