60 Things Black Wall Street Homecoming Taught Me - Part One

60 Things BWS.png

A lot people don't know that the current Blossom website is just a holding space until we launch our beta site this December. Our beta site is the actual site where you can log in, create an account and start to engage with our new technology platform. 

Building technology and learning how to grow a tech company is challenging. I've been lucky to find a few resources in Atlanta that have helped me up to this point, but nothing has been as helpful, educational and resourcesful as attending Black Wall Street Homecoming (BWS) last week.

BWS is a non-profit dedicated to celebrating diversity and innovation in technology and entrepreneurship and their homecoming provided a diverse group of entrepreneurs with incredibly valuable advice and action steps we can immediately implement in scaling our businesses. 

Because I found this experience to be extremely valuable, I'm sharing 60 Things BWS Homecoming Taught Me here. Let me know your thoughts.