How The Media Perpetuates Black Stereoptypes

So young yet so wise, Yara Shahidi reflects on why she uses her art to express her activism and on the stereotypes and the biases against those of the minority cultures in the media during the Spirit of Art and Activism conference. Using her voice to gain equality and parody through art is one thing that Yara has not fallen short of. In her speech she reflects on how her character, Zoey on the hit TV show Black-ish, really helps to break down the barriers of ageism, racism and all other -isms that have been portrayed through the media.

Yara says, “Art plus activism in any and all forms is a powerful statement that can spread a message that transcends the barriers and limitations of our different realities to reveal the commonality of our shared human existence.” 

You better say that Yara!



Diamonde Williamson