Women in Media Roundtable Roundup: Meet Fash

roundtable fash.png

You've met Shelly, Ashley, and Melani, now meet - Fash. 

Melani is a Sports Journalist, Broadcast Producer, Basketball Connoisseur and all around an incredibly hard working woman. Here are 4 reasons we have Fash joining us for our roundtable:

  1. She's boasts over 120,000 subscribers on YouTube.
  2. She was invited by YouTube to the YouTube BLK event.
  3. She's one of the leading beauty influencers on YouTube.
  4. Overall, she's just a brilliant, creative, humble woman. 

You can learn more about Fash at our Women in Media Roundtable happening October 1st! Click here to have a seat in our live audience!

Diamonde Williamson