Women in Media Roundtable Roundup: Meet Brittany Inge

You've met half of our amazing women, now meet Brittany Inge. 

From the moment we met, Brittany, we loved her outgoing and welcoming personality and we became familiar with her work, we knew we wanted to work with her on SOMETHING. Here are 4 reasons we have Brittany joining us for our roundtable:

  1. Her work is her activism. 
  2. She's acted in multiple stage plays that authentically represent women of color.
  3. She leads a community in the city of Atlanta in an effort to keep the conversation on police killings alive.
  4. She's a friendly woman that really, everyone, should know. 

You can learn more about Brittany at our Women in Media Roundtable happening October 1st! Click here to have a seat in our live audience.

Diamonde Williamson