Iyanla, Fix My Life Returns Tomorrow! (Teaser Inside)

This is Diamonde, the Founder of Blossom and an Associate Producer of the upcoming season of Iyanla, Fix My Life. This is literally my best work (up until Blossom of course). But I'm proud of this. In the premiere episode, airing Saturday, Sept. 10th at 9/8c, we're dispelling the myth of the angry black woman. If you're a woman of color, you can ABSOLUTELY relate. The beautiful thing about this four-part series is that you'll get to see women just like yourself. Your sisters.

You can meet these incredible women here.

I just love them. (You'll see why tomorrow.) So it would mean the WORLD to me if you would watch and support. The world truly needs more content like this, which is one of my reasons for Blossom. Enjoy.


Diamonde Williamson